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Book Review: “The Soul of Leadership” by Deepak Chopra

Editor's note: So many books! So little time! HR C-Suite is pleased to release a periodic series of related book reviews by our leadership colleagues. Our goal is to help our busy readers decide if buying the book is worth your valuable time. The first is introduced by Dr. Marcy Fischer.

“The Soul of Leadership” by Deepak ChopraLeadership, Effectiveness, Results


  • This book has three parts
    • Part One: LEADERS (defines the letters of the acronym)
    • Part Two: Two Who Lead from the Soul
      • Jeremy Moon
      • Renata Black
  • Part Three: Ten Principles of Leadership …”A Template for Awareness”


Deepak’s reason for this book is his desires to impart the insights and skill building tools to become an inspired leader, one who leads from the Soul.


The concepts of the book will be difficult for those of us raised with a western philosophy,  but the insights, exercises and learning’s  will guide anyone toward the eastern philosophy of leading from the soul. There are enough nuggets of learning for everyone to find a few ideas they can begin adding to their current leadership style thus enhancing their leadership skill set in these most difficult economic time.

If you want to dive deep into the many exercises Deepak provides I would consider getting a hardcopy of the book. The audio book is great for getting a feel and understanding of the subject matter, but to implement the concepts you will need to do the exercises and study the material, which is difficult with audio discs.


This book is a guide for your journey to inspired leading from the soul. Your initial dip into this new leadership understanding starts with an acronym:

L: look and listen

E: emotional bonding

A: awareness

D: doing

E: empowerment

R: responsibility

S: synchronicity

You take a deep dive into the concept and then are given exercises, learning’s, and examples of things you can do tomorrow. These deep dives are concise and practical (this is leadership more like Gandhi and unlike John Wayne). Deepak gives us a new read on Situational Leadership while including the key behaviors of change management. There are many times during the book I said hummm… what a great idea. Like all leadership skills these will take practice and patients, but will be well worth the journey.

The materials in this book come from the course Deepak teaches at Kellogg’s School of Business at Northwestern University.Thumbs up book review

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• Marcy has more than forty years of industry experience with leading firms: Eli Lilly, Procter and Gamble, Royal Dutch Shell, and Resources Global Consulting. Most recently, Marcy’s experience has centered on the design and implementation of organization change management plans. Marcy possesses strong functional and technical knowledge in organization design, organization change management, cultural change and awareness, corporate and business strategy, globalization, leadership development, and coaching.

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